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Sora Ventures is Asia's first crypto-backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital currency investments

Asia's First Crypto-Backed Venture Capital Firm

Founded in 2018, Sora Ventures adopts an entirely new venture model designed to scale and transition blockchain projects into the business world

Strategic Investment


Bring in at least one LP as a strategic investor to every deal

Community Development


Bridge resources in PR, media partnerships, and frontline communities in Asia.

Advisory Role


Onboard as advisors and assist with token structure, token-economics, and go-to-market strategies in Asia.

Community Embedded Venture Model

Community and business development are core components to a successful project. We have handpicked our strategic partners in Asia in order to optimize the value-add to our portfolio companies

Sora's Limited Partners


Our limited partners consist of Asia's most influential entrepreneurs.



We have an official partnership with Qtum, the largest Dapp community in Asia.

Community Leaders


We are partnered with blockchain news platforms, community influencers, and leaders in the online media community.


Mithril is a decentralized ecosystem for social networks that seeks to reward all content creators.


Jason Fang

Managing Partner

Ex-Fenbushi Capital, Ex-Juzix (formerly Juzhen Financials)

David Roebuck


Ex-DFJ Dragon Fund

Patrick Dai

Qtum Advisor

Creator of Qtum

Taylor Gerring

Ethereum Advisor

Co-founder of Ethereum

Sora Foundation


Sora foundation was founded by leaders in the blockchain community to encourage partnerships, growth, and community development between blockchain protocols via the use of Sora. Sora is a community-embedded token that is utilized on top of the Sora Platform that connects blockchain protocols, dapps, and traditional communities together.

Why Qtum?

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